JC Cowboys was built in 1982 by Jean and Chuck Blonien and was operated by their son, Greg Blonien, and grandson Kirk Blonien, until it closed in 2016.  The building sat vacant and was in disrepair until we, Bo and Lisa Seibold, purchase the building July 1st, 2020 for sentimental reasons.  Bo was an employee at JC Cowboys in the early 80’s and I came to JC Cowboys while attending SWOSU. We danced many times on that dance floor, fell in love, and Bo proposed to me on the front porch in 1989.  Our memories of the days when you dressed up, starched your jeans, and polished your boots to go out to JC Cowboys are our inspiration for the JC Cowboys our guests will enjoy.  There is just something about JC Cowboys and the way it makes you feel when you walk in the door.

Lisa Seibold

Mission Statement

JC Cowboys will once again enjoy the reputation of being the premier location to go in Western Oklahoma to enjoy an evening out. Our mission is to become a highly desired platform for Artists to perform and entertain, to be a regional venue for events and celebrations with a reputation for excellence, and to be good stewards for our community by upholding the JC Cowboys standard of conduct and customer service.

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